Niche Marketing

What is Niche Marketing?

A niche market is a smaller, more specific segment of a larger market. For example, while a particular general contractor may have experience in all aspects of building a house from the ground up, the entire building process requires numerous skills and specific tasks which other general contractors may sub-contract to someone who specializes in that craft; architecture, tile work, framing, stucco etc.

If you are a business that specializes in a specific job or skill set, we can build and rank websites (in addition to your company website) that target a specific geographic location for those specific services. Are you a contractor looking to do more concrete work? Are you a landscape designer who wants to take advantage of the growing artificial grass installation market? How about a balloon décor specialist who wants to book more graduation parties? We can do that!

Balloon Decor

A website that targets people searching for balloon decorations.

Artificial Grass

A website that targets people searching for artificial grass installations for their home.

How Much Does a Niche Marketing Website Cost?

We do not charge anything for the initial build and ranking of a niche marketing website. Once a website is performing (i.e. generating phone calls), a monthly rate can be negotiated depending on the volume of calls and specific market.

How Long Does It Take For a Website To Start Performing?

It generally takes 30-90 days for a newly built website to start generating phone calls

Can a Company Have More Than One Website?

Absolutely! We can build as many niche marketing websites for you as you want. The primary question is how much business can your team handle?